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6 Degrees Scholarship

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The 6 Degrees Arts Administration and Theater Production Scholarship provide funding to a Ramapo High School student who has shown exemplary participation in stage crew for Ramapo High School Drama Club and an interest in pursuing a career in arts administration and/or theater production in the future. 

6 Degrees Apart, LLC is an arts administration business founded by Cheyenne Myrie (‘14) that provides operating support to artists and organizations as well as work opportunities. 6 Degrees was built on the premise that you are only 6 Degrees removed from the person you need to know to achieve your dreams. You can learn more about 6 Degrees and the MightyNetwork of over 200 arts administrators here:

Application Opens: March 2024

Application Deadline: May 30th, 2024

Award Amount: $500


  • Must be a senior or recent graduate of Ramapo High School

  • Must have a marked interest in theater production and/or arts administration with an interest in pursuing as a career

  • Must have participated in at least 2 Ramapo High School Drama Club theater productions as stage crew

Application Process:

1. Submit Application Materials Below

  • Application Form Answering Following Questions

    • What interests you about arts administration and/or theater production?

    • What have you learned from Ramapo High School Drama Club?

    • What career path do you plan on pursuing?

    • What will you do with the award money?

  • Resume

  • Letter of Recommendation from a teacher, RHS director or choreographer, advisor, or mentor. 

2. You will be contacted by June 30th whether you have been selected or not. 

3. You will receive funding via check in person or through the mail.

Scholarship: Text
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